Product: HCoating HD
Top Line: Arotek International, a California-based company since 2008, is introducing their next generation HD scratch-resistant coating. The coating has been used in U.S., South America, and Asia.
Close Up: HCoating HD is one of the three new generation products, made from a combination of Intra-Molecular Altering (IMA) technology and nanotechnology, resulting in the UV curable hard coatings.  
“Beside superior adhesion, the benefits of new generation coatings are stable viscosity, self-defoaming and reduced rainbow effect,” said Dr. Harry Hong, developer of the coating and president of the company. “HD coating is well balanced between hardness and tinting.”
Vital Stats: HD coating can be used in most spin coaters for UV curing including Ultra Optics coaters and Coburn coaters, especially fully-automated coaters, favored by big labs, according to Arotek.;; (815) 301-8789; Text or WhatsApp: 1-562-3033772