Product: HCoating TD
Top Line: Arotek International, a California-based company since 2008, is introducing HCoating TD, their next generation TD scratch-resistant coating. The coating has been used in U.S. already.
Close Up: TD is the second of the three new generation products, made from a combination of Intra-Molecular Altering (IMA) technology and nanotechnology, resulting in the UV curable hard coatings.  
“Beside superior adhesion, the benefits of new generation coatings are stable viscosity, self-defoaming and reduced rainbow effect,” said Dr. Harry Hong, developer of the coating and president of the company. “TD coating is focused on fast tinting. It is the most tintable and the most stable coating with extended service life in machine operation, among the new generation coatings.”
Vital Stats: TD coating can be used in most spin coaters for UV curing, favored by low volume users and small labs, according to customer feedback.;; 1-562-3033772