Product: Schneider Anti-Fog Option for AR Coaters
Top Line: Schneider is now offering alternative ways of applying its proven Anti-Fog technology.
Close Up: Schneider’s Anti-Fog technology has been in the market for more than three years, and is a tested, proven technology implemented in a many optical labs worldwide. Previously, the application of the company’s permanent Anti-Fog coating required an ion beam gun and targets. It required a small hardware retrofit and was available for Schneider machines and some third-party machines as well.
Now, almost anybody who owns an AR-coater can use Schneider’s Anti-Fog technology.
Vital Stats: Schneider’s Anti-Fog process can be applied to any hard coated, anti-reflective or mirror-coated lens, skipping the hydrophobic last layer. All that’s needed is a single consumable chip. Simply insert the chip to begin processing lenses. Schneider adapts the process parameters remotely; eliminating the need for a time-consuming hardware retrofit.
Unlike some other Anti-Fog technologies, Schneider uses a physical process for a long-term and reliable coating layer instead of hazardous sprays or cloths soaked with harmful substances. To preserve the Anti-Fog protection layer and its easy to clean properties, the lenses simply have to be cleaned and sealed with a special Anti-Fog cloth for daily use. Click here to watch a video about Schneider’s Anti-Fog technology.