Top Line: RevolutionEHR has announced the release of RevEngage, a new patient engagement solution.
Specifics: RevEngage offers a comprehensive suite of tools for enhanced communication, including new solutions that help optometrists drive appointments and bolster their online presence. RevEngage and its counterpart, RevEngage+, are equipped with recall reminders, appointment reminders, email campaigns and order notifications. RevEngage+ offers advanced features like digital wait-list messaging, two-way image texting, and automated voice reminders for an enhanced engagement experience.
“RevEngage keeps eyecare professionals and their patients connected throughout the patient journey, from making and keeping appointments to eyewear order and recall,” said Kristopher Kinlen, RevolutionEHR’s vice president of product. “Providers get higher exam lane utilization, higher retention and more online reviews. It fits so well with RevolutionEHR's mission to improve the optometric experience for both providers and patients.”
Selling Point: RevEngage is a significant advancement in patient engagement, offering simplicity, convenience and efficacy for health care providers looking to supercharge their patient communication capabilities.