Product: Envision AI Smart Glassesfor the blind and visually impaired
Top Line: Envision, the award-winning assistive technology innovator, has added a host of advanced features to its acclaimed AI-powered smart glasses for the blind and visually impaired.
Close Up: Available globally and already changing the lives of hundreds of visually impaired people around the world, Envision's newly launched functionalities include greater Optical Character Recognition (OCR), improved text reading with contextual intelligence, the addition of new languages, and the creation of a third-party app ecosystem allowing the easy integration of specialist services, such as indoor and outdoor navigation, to the Envision platform.
Developed on the Enterprise Edition of Google Glass, Envision made its debut at the 2020 CSUN Conference and is now changing the lives of hundreds of blind and visually impaired people worldwide. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to extract different kinds of information from images and then speaks the images out loud, enabling blind and low-vision users to read documents at work, recognize their friends, find personal belongings at home, use public transportation, and generally enjoy greater freedom, independence and understanding of the world around them.
Vital Stats: Envision is available as an iOS and Android App and a sophisticated Google Glass integration. It can read and translate any type of text (digital and handwritten) from any surface (e.g., food packaging, posters, timetables, computer display screens, barcodes etc.) into over 60 different languages. It can recognize faces, objects, and colors and even describe scenes and immediately connect users to trusted contacts through its Ally function—a completely private and secure video call solution built directly into the glasses. You can see it in action here. 
Following months of development and advanced AI learning from actual world deployment in over 20 counties, Envision has become even more impactful with significant new features, including:
● Document Guidance for Accurate Capture – Removes the frustrations of taking multiple images to fully capture a document's complete text. Enhanced document guidance provides verbal instructions to guide users to position documents to the optimal scanning position allowing capture in a single motion. It means documents can be captured and read in a much timelier and stress-free manner.
● Layout Detection – Providing a more realistic reading environment, Envision smart glasses will now put a document into context for the reader. Whether a column-based document such as a newspaper, a shop window poster, road sign, or restaurant menu, Envision will decipher the document layout and provide clear verbal guidance to the user. It recognizes headers, photo captions, and more, giving verbal layout context to the user, enabling a more natural flow to the audio read back of the document.
● Enhanced Offline Language Capabilities– Envision now adds four additional Asian languages, including Hindi, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, which can be accurately captured and read offline. This addition brings the total of languages supported when offline to 26, with the number of languages supported when connected to more than 60.
● Third-Party App Development Support: Envision now adds a third-party ecosystem to its platform by allowing developers to build added value services to its users. Launching with the initial partner Cash Reader app, Envision can now recognize banknotes in over 100 currencies.  
● Building Ally: One of the Envision Glasses' most powerful and popular features is the Ally function that enables a user to ask for assistance or share experiences with trusted contacts (Allys) via completely private video calls directly from the glasses. The new, improved version is optimized for both mobile network and WiFi hotspots providing an unrivaled and unique service that delivers complete peace of mind.    
● Optimizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR): Leveraging tens of millions of data points processed by the Envision Glasses and Apps has significantly improved image capture and interpretation accuracy.
Envision Glasses are available at a recommended retail price of $3,500 directly from Envision and via its global distributor network.