(Top to Bottom) Austin, Houston, Adda and April.

Quick Take: JF Rey is debuting its first sun collection, offering a wide selection of models for men and women.
Specifics: The men’s release is split into two sub-collections. The first includes models Anderson, Austin and Artman, all of which are combination frames made from acetate with either carbon or glass fibers. The second line includes models Houston, Miami, Daytona, Columbus and Portland, all of which are sculpted, milled, polished or beveled acetate styles. The men’s collection offers a bold fusion of style and quality, taking inspiration from the most iconic shapes of the ‘80s and ‘90s. The color ranges are inspired by nature. 
The women’s launch includes styles Anna, Adda, Agatha and April. Made of both metal and acetate, the collection combines ‘70s glamour with contemporary design. Design details include sophisticated textures, vibrant colors and chromatic combinations softened by subtle transparencies. 
Selling Point: JF Rey’s debut sun collection extends the brand’s distinct DNA into the sun field. All frames are equipped with polarized nylon sun lenses.