Quick Take: Zenni Optical has launched Blokz+ Tints, a lens designed to combat the harmful effects of blue light exposure from digital screens.
Specifics: The lenses feature dual-action blue light defense, integrating core blue light filtration with an additional blue anti-reflective coating, and offer 26 times more blue light filtration than standard lenses. They also come in an array of vibrant tints. 
Zenni's new Blokz+ Tints provide advanced protection against the harmful effects of blue light compared to standard lenses. Specifically designed to target blue light up to 455 nm, where the majority of harmful blue light emitted by digital devices peaks, Blokz+ Tints block up to 92 percent of blue light energy in the HEV 2 range (400-455 nm). In contrast, clear Blokz lenses typically block blue light up to 420 nm, providing less comprehensive protection by only targeting the lower ranges.
Blokz+ Tints are offered in non-prescription, single vision, and progressive lens options.
Selling Point: David Ting, general manager and chief technology officer at Zenni Optical, said, “We understand that individuals spend extended periods in front of screens, which is why we engineered these lenses with their needs in mind. Blokz+ Tints lenses are our solution for safeguarding against the harmful effects of blue light emitted by digital screens. At Zenni, we pride ourselves on innovation, and our Blokz+ Tints go above and beyond. They block more blue light than the leading competitor, ensuring our customers have the best protection possible. But what sets us apart even further is our commitment to personalization. While others offer only standard yellow lenses, we provide a spectrum of vibrant colors, allowing our customers to express their style while safeguarding their eyes.”