Top Line: Shamir is introducing the new Transitions Gen S lens. The high-performance photochromic is now available from Shamir in all materials in grey and brown, with more colors coming soon, the company said.
Close Up: Transitions Gen S is the fastest dark lens in the clear to dark photochromic category. It is fully clear indoors and darkens in seconds outdoors. It is ultra-responsive to light, reaching category three levels of darkness in 25 seconds and fading back in less than two minutes. The Transitions Gen S has improved long-lasting photochromic performance over time.
Vital Stats: Transitions Gen S is now available on all Shamir designs including indexes of 1.5, 1.6, 1.67, 1.74, Trivex and Polycarbonate in grey and brown. The Transitions Gen S will be available in eight exclusive colors, through the Gen Style Spectacular Color Palette, including new addition Transitions Gen S Ruby. All colors have been optimized to be true to tone at all times, offering vibrant tints regardless of the light or environment, while being fully clear indoors, and beautifully colored outdoors. Transitions Gen S offers better vision quality, faster, ensuring a continuous visual experience in harmony with varied and changing light environments. The lens offers 39 percent faster vision recovery from intense bright lights versus clear lenses. During fade back, there is a 39.5 percent improvement in contrast sensitivity and 40 percent faster vision recovery versus the previous generation. Additionally, it blocks 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays and filters up to 32 percent of blue violet light in the clear state and up to 85 percent when activated. Transitions will not be available in the Autograph II Office.