Quick Take: Kenmark Eyewear is launching a partnership with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) on its 50 Million for Our Forests tree planting campaign. The NFF aims to plant 50 million trees—one for each dollar it receives.
Specifics: This reforestation of the U.S.’ National Forests helps to fight climate change, conserve wildlife habitat, ensure healthy watersheds, and restore the damage caused by severe wildfires, insects and disease and other natural disasters. To celebrate Earth Day, Kenmark will donate 5 percent of all Paradigm sales from April 20—24, 2020 to the NFF.
Selling Point: Kenmark’s CEO Mike Cundiff said, “During this time of great National duress, we are proud to partner with the National Forest Foundation. Everyone has observed the gradual clearing air as we drive less and it reinforces the reality that we can make a difference. As a lover of history I am forever thankful that we are working to preserve our National Forests and continue efforts to make them thrive. We stand with the NFF.”
Marketing director, Marissa Cundiff said, “Sustainability is one our main goals as a company moving forward and we are continually trying to research and do better for the environment across all facets of our business as we move into the future. We feel this is extremely important for ourselves and future generations to commit to always doing the best we can to continue to reduce our carbon footprint. The forests are beautiful, magnificent places and I’m both excited and proud our company has chosen to partner with the NFF to help restore them. We hope to help plant as many new trees as possible during our partnership!”