OTP 174 (top) and OTP 177.

Quick Take: WestGroupe is presenting the Fall 2023 collection from One True Pair (OTP).
Specifics: This launch includes styles OTP 174, 176, 175 and 177. OTP 174 and 176 are both ultra-thin wire designs available in shades of copper, gold and rose gold. 174 is a modified round frame with a slight peak in the top corners; 176 is a hexagonal shape with a twist. 175 and 177 are both biodegradable acetate styles. 175 is a thin, oversized, geometric frame available in grey, brown and whiskey; 177 is a chunky square frame available in tortoise, slate and purple honey.
Selling Point: OTP’s Fall 2023 collection is on trend, thoughtful and full of personality.