Quick Take: Cutler and Gross has launched its Spring/Summer 2024 collection: Desert Playground. 
Specifics: The collection is made up of eight styles (seven optical, five sun) that pay homage to Palm Springs and ‘50s Hollywood. Style 1409 is a winged frame with a curved brow bar and flattened edges. 1410 is a square frame with mid-century modern influence. 1411 is an angular square style with a straight brow bar and slanted lugs. 9241 is a glamorous cat eye. 9261 is a sleek, polished model. 9324 is a maximalist octagonal design. 9495 is a blocky frame shaped with specialist techniques from the ‘60s. Finally, 9690 is a square frame with a modernist core wire.
Selling Point: The newest collection from Cutler and Gross is stylish and glamorous, reflecting the cinematic grandeur of ‘50s Hollywood.