Product: WaveDyn Vision Analyzer
Top Line: The WaveDyn Vision Analyzer manufactured by WaveFront Dynamics Inc., captures a video of the eye’s dynamic optical system over time, rather than just producing a single measurement.
Close Up: The WaveDyn Analyzer’s high resolution, dynamic measurement capabilities provide highly accurate objective refractions as well as ocular surface quality and accommodative function analysis. The system provides 9 ocular measurements to streamline workflow:
• Dynamic wavefront aberrometry
• Objective refraction
• Dynamic corneal topography
• Corneal surface irregularity
• Keratometry
• Dynamic iris image
• Pupil dynamics
• Subjective refraction confirmation
• Accommodation range measurement
Vital Stats: At the core of Wavefront Dynamics’ continued innovation is the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor, a technology that has long been used in astronomy to improve the image quality of telescopes. Wavefront Dynamics’s founder and CEO, Dan Neal, Ph.D., developed a wide variety of applications for wavefront sensors, including measurement of aero-optic phenomena, the large telescope mirrors used in the James Webb Space Telescope, and silicon wafer metrology.