Topcon and M&S Partner on Computerized Vision Testing Systems


Product: Topcon CV-5000S Automated Vision Tester with M&S Smart System software
Top Line: The complete integration of the M&S Smart System software in the CV-5000S improves office workflow by providing the ability to digitally document 100 percent of the eye exam and have a one-touch wheelchair chart distance setting.
Close Up: The M&S Smart System software is embedded in the CV-5000S and can be used with the Topcon PC-50S Visual Acuity Chart or connected to current M&S Smart System 20/20 users to provide a complete digital refraction experience without the need for a remote. 100 percent of data is documented by the CV-5000S and can be exported to an EMR. The one touch “wheelchair” distance icon instantly changes all charts from your standard chart distance to the specified wheelchair distance setting. Peer-reviewed and science-based testing. All charts are calibrated to the ANSI and ISO specifications for vision testing and recognized by the FDA as an acceptable instrument for use in clinical trials.
Vital Stats:
• Allen Pictures
• Astigmatic Dial (Customizable)
• Blank Screen Control
• Color Vision Screening
• Crowding Bars
• Cycling Lines
• Dancing Bear Fixation
• Dual View
• Enhanced Anaglyph Random Dot Stereo
• Stereo Testing (Customizable)
• Fixation Disparity
• Fixation Dot, Stimulus
• Full randomization
• LEA numbers and symbols
• Sine wave grating
• Letter contrast
Complete M&S 20/20 software and charts are available as well as individual chart packages for pediatric, refractive and clinical trial testing.