Product: Moonlens Fast-Fit Tutorials video series
Top Line: Art Optical Contact Lens in collaboration with the KATT Design Group is introducing the Moonlens Fast-Fit Tutorials video series to help eyecare professionals learn more about Moonlens, a modern myopia management Ortho-K lens system—quickly and conveniently.
Close Up: This new video series was created to further support eyecare Professionals in developing their Ortho-K knowledge and fitting skills, specifically for Moonlens patients. The high-quality content was developed and narrated by world-renowned, specialty lens expert and educator, Randy Kojima, to be concise, yet thorough, and targeted by topic for quick reference to specific areas of the Moonlens fitting process. Conscious of the practitioner’s busy schedules, each video is under 10 minutes.
“With the continued growth of orthokeratology for myopia management, we are excited to offer the new Moonlens Fast-Fit Tutorials to today’s busy eyecare professionals certified in Moonlens as an easy, efficient educational tool” said Jill Anastor, president of Art Optical.
The KATT Design Group (KATT DG) is an international company comprised of researchers, clinicians, educators, and contact lens industry experts. Collectively, the KATT DG shares decades of experience in specialty contact lens design, manufacturing, technology, research and development, patient fitting, training, education, and study. This exceptional expertise has created many brand lens designs well recognized across the globe including Ampleye scleral, ICD FlexFit, Be Free Advanced Ortho K Lens System and Moonlens for Modern Myopia Management, to name a few. KATT DG operates through eyecare industry lab partners worldwide.
Vital Stats: Since entering the U.S. market less than one year ago, Moonlens has continued to rise in success. It is already recognized among many eyecare professionals for its innovative Ortho-K lens design with a progressive fitting system, allowing customization for a wide range of patients, from children to adults. To become Moonlens certified and receive a link to the new Moonlens Fast-Fit Tutorials, visit to get started or contact Art Optical for details at (800) 253-9364.