Top Line: Haag-Streit USA announces the launch of the Reliance Optometry Workplace, a dependable, cost-effective exam lane solution.
Close Up: The new Reliance Optometry Workplace combines the necessary equipment needed for a classic optometry exam lane, consisting of world-class, proven Reliance and Haag-Streit components, including the:
• Reliance SL3 slit lamp 
• Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann applanation tonometer
• Reliance 7900 instrument stand
• Reliance 520 examination chair
• Reliance 4246 examination stool.
The Reliance Optometry Workplace optometry exam lane solution is only available in the USA.
Vital Stats: Reliance Medical is a leading manufacturer of high-quality exam and procedure chairs, surgical stools, and instrument delivery systems. The Reliance SL3 slit lamp has been developed in collaboration between Haag-Streit and a partner with decades of experience in slit lamp development and manufacturing. The inclusion of the Swiss-made Haag-Streit AT 870 Goldmann applanation tonometer, the gold standard in tonometry, allows IOP measurements to be taken as part of a routine examination while the patient is sitting at the SL3 slit lamp. The Reliance 520 manual pneumatic-assisted tilt-recline examination chair is exceptionally durable. It features a manual recline bar, easily accessible from both sides of the chair, which controls the assisted tilt of the chair up to 40 degrees. The Reliance 7900 IC instrument stand is constructed in state-of-the-art, durable base material, including the same polycarbonate used on supersonic aircraft to resist scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. The Reliance 4246 pneumatic-assist lift examination stool has a comfortable 15-inch round seat with an adjustable, tilted backrest. American-made, it is beautifully finished in hand-crafted black or charcoal upholstery. Horizontal and vertical movement tailor the stool to an ergonomic fit. It has five legs (with hooded dual-wheel casters) to distribute weight evenly and ensure stability. The legs are finished in tough, black epoxy enamel.