Top Line: Karün Eyewear has debuted Celion, a new cellulose acetate recovered from cigarette butts. 
Close Up: Celion is made by employing advanced technology from IMEKO, a Chilean cleantech company that collects, processes and recovers the cellulose acetate found in cigarette butts. This new efficient, sustainable and scalable mechanical-chemical process developed by IMEKO removes the toxicity from the filters and recovers pure cellulose acetate as a new raw material; for every ton of Celion, up to 5.6 million cigarette butts are removed from pollution. 
Vital Stats: Celion results in a 40 percent reduction in carbon footprint compared to virgin acetate and is formulated with no toxic additives. It can be molded in conventional plastic processes and is versatile in color and level of transparency. Finally, Celion material is infinitely recyclable.