VSP Optics Adds Contact Lenses to Unity Product Line

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VSP Optics’ Dave Delle Donne displays a kit that is specially designed to dispense the company’s
new Unity Biosync contact lenses.

RANCHO CORDOVA, Calif.—VSP Optics is expanding its Unity line with the launch of its first contact lens product, Unity BioSync Contact Lenses. The Unity product line, which had previously been limited to spectacle lenses, now includes what VSP Optics described as “a premium daily disposable spherical contact lens” featuring a silicone hydrogel material and proprietary polymer coating that is exclusive to Unity BioSync. “We’ve been thinking about launching a Unity contact lens ever since we introduced our Unity ophthalmic lenses, coating and materials eight years ago,” Dave Delle Donne, senior vice president of commercial markets for VSP Optics, told VMAIL.

“We’ve always felt that we could build an umbrella brand in the industry that provided high quality, premium digital correction solutions. But eight years ago, the timing wasn’t right. Not all of the advanced premium materials were available to source. But when we went back 18 months ago, we found it’s a different landscape. There are more opportunities now to source and develop new technologies.”

To develop Unity BioSync, VSP Optics partnered with Tangible Science and Visco Vision. The latter owns the FDA 510K approval for Unity BioSync, and is licensing the lens to VSP Optics as well as manufacturing it. The lens features HydraMist, a moisture retaining polymer coating that Tangible Science adapted from its Hydra-PEG coating that offers wearers an increased level of hydration throughout the day.

Unity BioSync will initially be available for patients through practices participating in the VSP Global Premier Program. Practices can only buy the lens through authorized distributors.

“This launch represents the latest example of our commitment to keep VSP members connected to their VSP network doctors, by offering more choice, value and opportunity,” said Michael Guyette, president and CEO of VSP Global.

VSP Optics plans to add other contact lenses to the Unity line, according to Delle Donne. “We’re very focused in the daily disposal modality,” he told VMAIL.

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