NEW YORK—SUNY College of Optometry's Office of Continuing Professional Education recently held the Annual Race in Optometry webinar, now in its third year. Titled "Race in Optometry: Headwinds - Exploring Emerging Barriers to Success," the virtual session was held June 28, 2023.The wide-ranging June 28 discussion is now available to view live, along with prior panels in the series. The "Headwinds" discussion was held just prior to the June 29 U.S. Supreme Court decision about affirmative action in college and university admissions processes, as VMAIL reported, which drew concern and renewed commitment to divsersity initiatives among optometry groups.

The SUNY Optometry series launched in 2020 to stimulate a national, ongoing conversation on race and equity within the profession of optometry.

Moderated by Dr. Joy Harewood, chief diversity officer and associate clinical professor at SUNY College of Optometry, the discussion included 10 panelists. This year’s lecture offered a variety of perspectives ranging from legal considerations, barriers to success, and increased efforts to maintain and continue to grow diversity.

“SUNY College of Optometry is a leader in looking at ways to improve diversity across the field of optometry including leading conversations such as the Race in Optometry series,” observed SUNY Optometry president Dr. David A. Heath, “The College remains committed to DEIB and will work within the new guidelines to continue to advance the principles of diversity, belonging, and inclusion across the optometric workforce. The impact of this critical work extends beyond the walls of our campus and impacts the population health of the diverse patient community we serve.”

The most recent panel discussion, titled "Race in Optometry: Headwinds - Exploring Emerging Barriers to Success," can be viewed here

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