Schneider Enters Contact Lens and IOL Market

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DALLAS—Schneider Optical Machines announced that it is expanding the scope of its business to include contact lens and intraocular lens manufacturing.“The market knows Schneider as experts in the fields of processing solutions to the ophthalmic and p recision-optical industry,“ Kevin Cross, vice president sales, North America, told VMail. “To date, we have an installed base of more than 1,500 highly dynamic single-point diamond turning machines. Coming from a variety of solutions for all kinds of applications, we build on this experience and create faster and more efficient solutions specifically designed for freeform manufacturing. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are prepared for today's challenges and can easily adapt to new requirements.”

Cross noted that the contact lens market is a great opportunity for Schneider to diversify into a field closely connected to our ophthalmic history. “We can offer high-quality products in a new business field. We are expanding our product range for our existing customers and attracting new customers with two brand-new and unconventional solutions, setting new benchmarks in contact lens, IOL and mold insert manufacturing.” He added, “Our customers that aim at entering the highly profitable contact lens and IOL market benefit from getting their equipment and support from one trusted partner. The contact lens and IOL manufacturing machines follow familiar ways of production compared to other Schneider ophthalmic solutions.”

Schneider has created a landing page on its website with information about two new machines designed to process contact lenses and IOLs, the UPC 100 and UPC nano. The site also features a video with additional details.