LAS VEGAS—Percept Corporation, a pioneer in advanced visual perception systems, introduced Dynamic Visual Optimization (DVO), a patented technology that meaningfully improves visual motion perception and situational awareness. This innovation sets new standards for modern-day driving, trucking, and motorcycle performance and safety, professional and recreational sports, including military and law enforcement applications, the company said. Percept said that DVO will be implemented in eyewear, consumer products and tech devices through strategic partnerships with leaders in the respective markets.

"Dynamic Visual Optimization represents a significant leap forward in augmented perception for motion visual environments," stated Dr. Scott Lewis, chief executive officer at Percept. "Our goal is to provide individuals with the tools they need to excel in demanding situations, where split-second decisions can mean the difference between success and failure."

Jim McGrann, president and COO at Percept, added, “Beyond the performance aspect of DVO is the lifestyle and wellness aspects—this is the first product that brings to human perception the equivalence of refractive vision correction but for motion—so now everyone can experience the world around in a way never seen before. We will be able to appreciate the simple things such as seeing a raindrop, a wave breaking, a hummingbird in flight—truly this DVO experience is transformational.”

The applications of Dynamic Visual Optimization span across multiple industries and domains. In military and law enforcement operations, DVOä empowers personnel with enhanced situational awareness, enabling them to swiftly identify threats, navigate complex terrains and respond effectively to rapidly changing scenarios.

In the transportation sector, DVO meaningfully innovates driving and trucking by mitigating blind spots, improving lane detection, and enhancing object recognition capabilities that significantly elevate visual perception well beyond what is currently humanly possible.

Noted Dr. Dorothy Hitchmoth, VP of clinical affairs at Percept, “The eye-brain-pathway does not efficiently process motion in the peripheral visual field which results in ‘motion blur.' DVO transcends human visual limitations by delivering augmented perception to the forefront of visual attention to improve performance, anticipate danger and enjoy the world around us."

Percept remains committed to ethical and responsible practices. The company works closely with industry experts, regulatory bodies, and user communities to ensure the technology is used in a manner that upholds safety, privacy and societal values.