PECAA Launches Association Health Plan for its Members' Practices

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PORTLAND, Ore.—PECAA, a nationwide doctor alliance group currently serving over 3,700 independent eyecare practitioners, announced yesterday the launch of a new association health plan to their membership. Member practices will leverage the buying power of the larger organization to purchase health care benefits for their practice doctors, staff, and families at competitive rates, regardless of individual practice size, the organization said. "The rising cost of health care has had a major impact on independent eyecare practices in recent years, both in the form of increased costs and the ability to retain key employees,” said Bryan Hoban, member business manager, PECAA.

“We are excited about the launch of this plan for our membership, which will allow them to compete for top talent while maintaining profit margins.”

PECAAHP, as the plan is being called, is a private, non-profit, level-funded benefits plan offered through the Aetna network. PECAAHP will offer multiple medical plans to choose from, including PPO and HSA options.

“We are thrilled to be able to empower PECAA members to offer competitive health care benefits within their practices,” added Jamie Hughes, senior vice president and general manager, PECAA. “Attracting and retaining a high performing team leads to better patient experiences and stronger financial performance for members. PECAAHP directly supports PECAA’s mission to help independent eyecare practice’s thrive in today’s competitive environment.”

Members and non-members alike are encouraged to get a free, no-obligation quote. More information on PECAA’s Association Health Plan can be found here.