GlobeChek Foundation Offers Free High-Tech Screening Eye Exams


VERO BEACH, Fla.—GlobeChek Foundation, a new philanthropy established by the founders of GlobeChek Enterprises, announced that it will provide free eyecare to those who lack access. The Vero Beach, Florida-based foundation was recently granted 501(c)(3) status. Having qualified as a nonprofit public charity, it can accept monetary donations from individuals and organizations, as well as in-kind donations of services from eyecare professionals. GlobeChek Enterprises, which has developed a mobile Eye Screening Globe (ESG) that enables thorough screening eye exams from remote locations, will donate a portion of its profits to the Foundation, according to William J. Mallon, MD and Adam Katz, MD, the ophthalmologists who founded both organizations. Those who make substantial tax-deductible contributions to the GlobeChek Foundation will be recognized with a plaque on a GlobeChek ESG unit or trailer, they said.

“We intend to produce multiple units so that we can provide access to eyecare to as many people as possible,” said Dr. Mallon, who serves as CEO of GlobeChek Enterprises. In addition to the free screening eye exams offered by the GlobeChek Foundation, participating eyecare professionals will provide free services to patients requiring follow-up care.

“Creating the foundation is truly a milestone,” said Dr. Katz. “The generosity of both financial sponsors of the foundation and those who provide in-kind donations of eyecare services will help the foundation increase access and prevent vision loss for countless patients.”

The portable GlobeChek ESG system consists of a globe shaped unit that can perform autorefraction, a non-contact tonometry reading, high-resolution external photography, fundus photography and optical coherence tomography imaging of the optic nerve and retina in eight minutes.

“At GlobeChek, we believe that no one should go blind as a result of a preventable or treatable eye condition,” said Dr. Katz. “That is why we created a comprehensive digital teleophthalmology solution to provide quick, convenient, affordable screening eye exams to those who currently lack access to care. The GlobeChek Foundation was started to provide free eye care to those who cannot afford it.”

GlobeChek Enterprises was featured in VM’s June cover story, “Remote Possibilities.”