NEW YORK, N.Y.—EyeCarePro, a marketing agency exclusively serving eyecare providers, has announced that it is accepting nominations for its second annual Practice Manager of the Year Award. This year’s award is sponsored by EyeCarePro, Optify, Foxfire Systems Group, Vision Trends and ClearVision Optical. The award also gives practice manager nominees the opportunity to win a first prize of $2,500, a second prize of $1,000, or a third prize of $500. “Last year was the first time we awarded Practice Manager of the Year, and it was post-COVID so we weren’t sure what to expect,” said Neil Garala, chief revenue officer of EyeCarePro.

“We were blown away to have received over 250 submissions from practices, and it was very moving to read so many stories about the amazing dedication practice managers have to their patients. You don’t always get to tell your practice manager how important they are, and this award is a great way to show them how vital their contributions are to providing patient care.”

To nominate a practice manager who has gone above and beyond to improve patient experience or practice processes, eyecare professionals (ECPs) can visit EyeCarePro’s Practice Manager of the Year page to fill out the submission form. Nominators are encouraged to share the submission on social media to highlight their practice manager’s dedication.

Nominations are open until 11:59 p.m. EST on April 28, 2023. All submissions will be reviewed and the winners will be announced on May 3, 2023.

Founded in 2004 by CEO Daniel Rostenne, EyeCarePro has helped more than 2,000 practices reach their marketing goals by offering practices contract-free, digital solutions that guide them through their stages of growth.