“The best customer service is if the customer doesn’t need to call you, doesn’t need to talk to you. It just works.”
– Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO, Amazon.com

“The big shift now is mobile internet. It’s really happening big-time. The way you interact with services on a smartphone compared to the web is quite different, so there’s a huge opportunity.”
– Niklas Zennstrom, founder, Skype

“There’s a connection between the advances that are made in technology and the sense of primitive fear people develop in response to it.”
– Don DeLillo, essayist, novelist, playwright

“The major advances in speed of communication and ability to interact took place more than a century ago. The shift from sailing ships to telegraph was far more radical than that from telephone to e-mail.”
– Noam Chomsky, linguist, philosopher, scientist

“Today, if you have an internet connection, you have at your fingertips an amount of information previously available only to those with access to the world’s greatest libraries—indeed, in most respects what is available through the internet dwarfs those libraries, and it is incomparably easier to find what you need.”
– Peter Singer, philosopher, professor, Princeton University