Here at VM, we’re big believers that tracking news developments of the day point the way to identifying trends that are shaping business tomorrow. We pride ourselves on cultivating the relationships and sources to deliver the authoritative “word” but also help identify signposts that can shape business decisions for the “next” normal.

As we all are keenly aware, the escalation of both news and trends over the past two years have ushered in a very new competitive landscape in both health care and in retail. We’ve all been through a lot of change on so many fronts but staying on top of it and in advance of it is now essential, not a “nice to think about, someday” luxury.

In this our final print and digital issue of the year, we’ve got several ways to help you learn more and create change that’s under your own control.

First up, VM’s Leadership Summit. Eyecare professionals and optical retailers who couldn’t attend these first-time broadcasts can still go in through the end of this month to grab a cuppa coffee or a nice glass of wine, your choice, to catch up with On-Demand sessions. Go to the platform at and if you’re not yet registered do it now. And then, you can companion-read some of the highlights in our special section in this issue starting on Page 59.

Everyone will learn a few things, I promise you. We have short but compelling sessions on Telehealth, What Healthcare’s Learned from Retail, All-Consuming—key new consumer behaviors and attitudes, The Rise of Social Shopping, Rebuilding Trust and the opportunity for eyecare, What’s a Store For?—new tips and insights into transforming the in-store experience with digital tools, What’s the Metaverse? and several engaging leading ECP/retailer panels on how optical leaders coped and rose above the challenges of the pandemic to shape their own new approach.

Second, take a look at our special feature on Integrated Eyecare—as our senior editor Mark Tosh points out, the long-standing model in which ophthalmologists have led the way in providing medical specialty eyecare and optometrists have primarily addressed vision correction and detection is undergoing a radical transformation as optometry’s scope of practice has changed. Read it now and prepare for more development in these approaches in 2022.

Third, go through EyeVote, reflecting VM and 20/20 readers’ choices about their favorite products and companies this year. What do those choices say about the diverse and ever changing optical market?

THANKS for being with us throughout another momentous year. We look forward to your joining us in 2022 when the news and trend monitoring will continue. Best wishes from our entire Vision Monday/VMAIL team for a Happy and Prosperous New Year.