These end-of-year posts seem to be weighty tasks after the last few years of upheaval. While things weren’t always smooth sailing in 2022, certainly they were coming from a stronger and stabler place than the two years prior when “reeling” from the pandemic was still a stronger sensation.

Nevertheless, after business came back solid in 2021, reaching the performance levels of 2019 for many businesses, this year seemed to start well. There was a strong return for in-person industry events, including Vision Expo East in New York, Vision Monday’s own Leadership Summit that week, Optometry’s Meeting, a good Vision Expo West, many professional get togethers plus a strong energy among those that made it to San Diego to the 100th anniversary of the Academy of Optometry.

Throughout all of that, we experienced pandemic variants, wrestled with changed consumer/patient expectations, dealt with challenging workforce and staffing challenges around the country and went through a tumultuous mid-term election. Toward the latter part of this year, the advent of higher interest rates got us all wondering what the economy would bring to various sectors of the optical and eyecare business.

Forgive me for not mentioning sooner those who faced climate change-related weather issues, intense fires and damaging hurricanes.

But we’ve made it through and are standing strong.

October saw a record-breaking World Sight Day, which was exciting for the thousands of professionals who took part in the U.S. and all over the world.

The industry and ECPs helped colleagues that needed support and assistance. Some exciting, beautiful new products made it to market and new ideas are being embraced, including the adoption of digital tools to help businesses be more efficient and create better patient experiences.

People seem to be feeling a bit cautious toward 2023. But that’s ok. It’s a season of holidays, Thanksgiving and celebration of friends, family and helping those less fortunate.

Let’s raise a glass together. To all of our readers of Vision Monday and VMAIL, we appreciate you.

From all of us on the Vision Monday team, we wish you a happy, safe and healthy Holiday Season and New Year.