NEW YORK—A new ECPulse Survey of eyecare professionals across the country is being started by Jobson Research this month, a new quarterly research series which will monitor a range of factors influencing ECPs' business. The first Q2 2022 ECPulse report, conducted in June 2022, surveyed 403 ECPs. It examines general business trends, practice profitability comparability by month and quarter, a closer look at business trends, such as interest in specialization, the impact of supply chain issues and more.

Among the data shown in the first study, which queried ECPs about prices, 44 percent indicated they had raised prices in some areas of their business, while another 27 percent indicated they had done so "across the board." Among those respondents who had increased prices, the majority said these involved raising lens prices (76 percent), frame prices (73 percent) and exam fees (50 percent), while 22 percent said they were reducing the amount of sales or discounts offered.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents to ECPulse said they had cut costs in the June 2022 survey. The cost-cutting is examined among inventory and new product purchases and other areas.

Another sector explored by the new ECPulse survey is in the area of specialized ophthalmic and optical services. Among these dry eye (57 percent), myopia management (41 percent) and scleral lenses (33 percent) are among those specialities being offered by ECP respondents.

The new ECPulse surveys are a revised approach to monitoring business among ECPs on a regular basis. Jobson Research pointed out, "In March 2020, as COVID-19 reached our nation, Jobson Research began a series of research studies that surveyed ECPs on how they were dealing with the pandemic. We provided this data frequently and complimentary to our industry to provide some guidance and knowledge to the world of optical about how you all were coping. We completed 30 waves of that research over 2+ years and the questions we asked with each wave varied as time went on. Different topics became more pertinent, new practices and policies emerged, and new information was requested.

"Now that we are in June of 2022, we want to pivot from how the Coronavirus pandemic alone is affecting our industry, and focus more on a variety of areas that are currently influencing ECPs and optical. We have created this ECPulse research study, which we will conduct quarterly, to take the pulse of what’s going on and how ECPs are responding. There are some questions in this report that we had asked in our past ECP Coronavirus Wave surveys, so we have included trending wherever possible."

To download the Q2 2022 ECPulse Survey, click here.

To learn more about the ECPulse Surveys, contact Jennifer Waller, director research and business analytics at Jobson Research at or visit Jobson Research for more information and details.