Coronavirus BRIEFING

Most Americans Say State Governments Have Lifted COVID-19 Restrictions Too Quickly

As a growing number of states grapple with a rise in coronavirus cases, a sizable majority of U.S. adults (69 percent) say their greater concern is that state governments have been lifting restrictions on public activity too quickly. Fewer than half as many, just 30 percent, say their bigger concern is that states have been too slow to lift the restrictions, according to a survey by Pew Research Center.

These views are similar to attitudes in April and May, when the question asked whether the greater concern was whether state governments would lift coronavirus-related restrictions too quickly or not quickly enough. In May, 68 percent said their bigger concern was that state governments would ease restrictions too quickly.

With the U.S. economy reeling from the impact of the coronavirus, nearly three-quarters of Americans (73 percent) say the more effective way to help the economy recover is by significantly reducing the number of infections, so that more people feel comfortable going to stores, restaurants, schools and other workplaces. Only about a quarter (26 percent) say the more effective path to recovery is to reopen businesses and schools even if there hasn’t been a significant decline in infections.

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