Product: UV-AF
Top Line: Ultra Optics is introducing its newest product, UV-AF, an extremely versatile back side spin coating that gives permanent anti-fog performance. Ultra Optics’ new UV-AF will give any lab the ability to quickly offer their customers a premium anti-fog solution that is easy to implement and convenient and cost effective for the patient. Labs will appreciate the simple to implement spin coating solution which is fast and easy to apply, and does not require the long processing times or space requirements of dip coating and/or the long time in expensive AR box coaters.
Close Up: UV-AF is a permanent anti-fog coating which has been formulated to give excellent fog-fighting properties while not needing any maintenance.  There is no need to keep a special cloth or towelette near-by to reactivate the performance.  Once the coating is applied, the anti-fog properties are locked in.  There is no special cleaning process or product needed to maintain the anti-fog performance of UV-AF.
“Ultra Optics didn’t rush to be the first to the market with this product,” said Jim Weiler, Ultra Optics senior vice president and general manager. "We wanted to make sure we had a product that was versatile and could work in many different applications."
UV-AF passes industry-standard boiling water adhesion tests on nearly all lens materials including CR-39, polycarbonate, Trivex and high-index with perfect scores, according to Weiler. He added that Ultra Optics’ research showed that existing anti-fog products tended to be relatively soft and more easily scratched. “We utilized our expertise in scratch-resistant coatings to optimize the formula, resulting in a harder, more scratch-resistant surface,” he noted. “To make the product even more versatile, this coating is tintable, which enables our customers to produce prescription sunglasses that also have anti-fog properties, a great solution for outdoor sports and activities.”
Weiler said UV-AF was formulated as a solvent-free, 100 percent solids spin coating. This will enable customers to produce lenses that have anti-fog properties on the back of the lens, where fogging is most prevalent, combined with a no-glare coating on the front of the lens. It is also possible to put the anti-fog coating on both front and back sides of the lens to get complete fog protection by simply running the lens trough the spin process two times, Weiler pointed out.
Vital Stats: UV-AF can work in any of Ultra Optics’ standard coating machines such as the Mini2, MR3, OTB or the fully-automated 44R.; (800) 365-9993