Dr. Amir Khoshnevis, Vision Source chief medical officer, addressing Vision Source Administrators and Facilitators in General Session Opening.

HOUSTON—Vision Source, a premier network of independent optometrists, began the new year by assembling 250 ODs and staff leaders from across the country at its annual Administrator and Facilitator Exchange here. This gathering, which underscores Vision Source's commitment to advancing clinical eyecare across its 3,000 locations, centered on equipping members with the latest tools and knowledge to successfully lead their practices and enhance patient care provided to millions they serve, the group said. Vision Source administrators and facilitators form a critical part of Vision Source's unique infrastructure and play a pivotal role in educating local members on industry expertise and best practices for elevating patient care. These leaders capitalized on the opportunity to exchange best practices, refining their skills to improve their effectiveness in leading over 1,000 meetings annually across the network.

The meeting aimed to sharpen the expertise of Vision Source members through intensive workshops and sessions, emphasizing strategic initiatives and industry-leading programs designed to enhance patient care. Breakout sessions covered key topics such as medical diagnosis improvement, protocol implementation, medical billing, cutting-edge technology adoption, and practice performance enhancement.

The event concluded with a comprehensive plan of action for Vision Source's growth and member prosperity in 2024, aligning with elite vendor partners on shared objectives and prioritizing the patient experience.

Dr. Mick Kling, Vision Source practice management and transition advisor, discussing the evolution of The Vision Source NEXT Program.

"Vision Source's unwavering commitment to elevating patient care serves as our 'North Star,' guiding our efforts toward delivering the highest standards of eyecare," said Amir Khoshnevis, OD, chief medical officer of Vision Source. "As leaders within an organization spanning 3,000 locally-owned optometric practices and 4,500 optometrists, Vision Source remains dedicated to transforming patient eyecare by providing our members with the latest tools and knowledge to lead, engage staff, and continually improve patient care."