NEW YORK—The Women’s Choice Award has recognized Pearle Vision for its exceptional customer recommendation rating, earning it the coveted 2023 Women’s Choice Award for the fifth consecutive year. In a national survey conducted by the Women’s Choice Award, over 85 percent of Pearle Vision female customers who have had experience with the brand’s products say they would recommend Pearle Vision to their friends and family. “Caring about the people behind the eyes is and will remain the foundation for what Pearle Vision stands for,” said Doug Zarkin, vice president and chief marketing officer, Pearle Vision.

“We’re so proud to learn that our team of eyecare experts has for the fifth consecutive year been recognized with this prestigious award,” Zarkin said.

Delia Passi, founder and CEO of the Women’s Choice Award added, “With so many choices in the marketplace today, the Women’s Choice Award is a one-stop solution to help the most important consumer: women, simplify her choices so she can spend less time searching and more time on what matters in life.

"When she sees the Women’s Choice Award seal it provides an unparalleled level of trust and validation, putting her mind at ease-and that’s priceless. We congratulate Pearle Vision for their focus on excellence, a commitment that is recognized by women consumers nationwide.”