NEW YORK—Hubble Contacts, a leading direct–to-consumer brand providing daily contact lenses, eyeglasses, sunglasses and other eyecare accessories, has announced a comprehensive rebranding effort and website redesign, "with a goal of establishing its commitment to quality, transparency, and a seamless customer experience to deliver the easiest, most hassle-free contact lens and glasses buying experience in the world." Steve Druckman, CEO, stated. “Under our new leadership team, we have shifted our focus as a company on customer retention.

"We conducted research to better understand our customer's expectations and needs and we have reworked our customer experience to best fit in with their lifestyle. We understand that our customers have high expectations, and we're fully committed to meeting and exceeding them. We're confident that our redesigned website will greatly enhance our customers' ability to manage their subscriptions and interact with us. We're also excited to introduce a revamped subscription portal that offers seamless personalization options.”

Informed by extensive research studies and customer insights, Hubble said it has revamped its user experience with approachability, accessibility, and affordability in mind and has implemented new features and policies including:

● The most flexible subscription program in the contact lens category allowing customers to personalize quantity, delivery date, and refill cadence (2, 4, 6, 8 weeks).

● Fuss-free cancellation option—right up until the order ships.

● No-hassle return and exchange policy for 14 days after delivery.

● Prescription renewal reminders and referrals to free online vision tests for prescription renewals by licensed eyecare providers.

● Consistent, on time shipping for eyecare delivery when needed.

● Real-time order status updates to give customers peace of mind that their contact lenses will arrive when they need them.

● Ability to download receipts for insurance reimbursement.

● Quick and efficient customer service via phone, email or live chat.

● Customer resource center (Hubble Library).

 Steve Druckman.
The rebranding effort also encompasses an improved visual identity with a bold color palette, typography, creative elements, and imagery. The new design is also coming to life with an ad campaign called “See, Easy.” that is being promoted across various marketing channels to generate brand awareness and drive customer engagement.

Hubble offers the first 15 pairs of daily contacts for $1, and after that it's $19.99 per eye for a fresh 30-day supply. With over 400 million contact lenses sold, Hubble has continued to evolve and adapt to the changing needs of its customers by expanding its product line along the way to include affordable prescription eyeglasses ($78) and polarized prescription sunglasses ($98) that are anti-reflective, anti-glare and scratch-resistant.

In connection with comments made about the new branding and web design, Druckman told VMAIL that Hubble also launched a wholesale portal in May 2023. "The portal is an updated version of a previously existing site with new UX and branding resembling the functionality and aesthetic of our new website. Doctors are also able to replenish fitting sets through the portal as well. We are making doctors aware through the information included in the fitting set shipments and fax."

Druckman, a long-term e-commerce and internet executive, joined Hubble as CEO in June 2021, stepping into the role previously held by Hubble's co-founders, as VMAIL reported and subsequently other executive team members were named to new roles at the company that year.

In February 2022, Hubble's parent firm, Vision Path, Inc. settled with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) penalties and violations of the Contact Lens Rule, as VMAIL reported at the time. A subsequent settlement was reached with the State of Texas AG in June 2022.

Druckman told VMAIL at the time of the FTC settlement that the company is “relieved to put this behind us. The FTC’s allegations relate to a period when the company was just starting up, and all requirements in the order were addressed long ago through improvements to our systems and internal processes.”

This month, Druckman told VMAIL, "As we mentioned, the FTC started expressing concerns back in 2017 and we resolved the issues years ago. The complaint and settlement were a formality to address issues that were no longer part of our business practices and had not been for some time. The FTC settlement was formally negotiated and agreed-upon in 2020 and 2021. It was publicly announced in January 2022.

"As our resolution with the FTC demonstrates, we are working hard to close this chapter so that we can move on to the next era for Hubble and ContactsCart. We understand that being in a regulated industry means engaging with your regulators. We are committed to maintaining constructive relationships with our regulators and educate them about our business and the care we take to comply with state and federal law."

He added. "We actually engaged with FTC staff to make sure that they would be satisfied with the significant improvements to our systems and processes. We received valuable feedback as we worked to address each of their concerns."

In response to questions from VMAIL, Druckman said, "In regards to the verification program improvements, we have done a lot. We implemented changes to our website and workflows to allow our customers to more effectively input their prescription and eyecare provider. We have also developed better tools for our team to use to validate information about customers’ eyecare providers and minimize our reliance on inaccurate or outdated information.

"And we put into place a multi-layered auditing and review system, to proactively identify and address verification-related issues, while providing training to our team members to prevent any issues in the future. "

He continued, "A significant number of improvements have been implemented based on ongoing feedback received from eyecare providers. We are committed to working with eyecare professionals nationwide to get subscribers the products they need. Additionally, we are working hard to build closer business relationships with eyecare providers. We have recently introduced Hydro by Hubble, a new product aimed at providing an exciting hydrating option for eyecare providers' patients.

"We will also be launching a silicone hydrogel lens this Fall, which we know is a material preferred by many doctors. Additionally, we have developed the new wholesale portal for doctors, simplifying the process of ordering contact lenses for patients and reordering fitting sets. We offer free shipping to eyecare providers' offices or patients' homes, along with the convenience of a single monthly invoice for streamlined operations."