ALEXANDRIA, Va.—The Vision Council released its latest research report, Focused inSights Eyewear Accessories, providing comprehensive data into American adults' behaviors, preferences and purchasing patterns related to eyewear accessories. The report sheds light on the usage and maintenance habits surrounding various eyewear accessories and underscores the importance of proper care and storage of eyewear products to ensure optimal vision, according to the announcement from The Vision Council. The survey highlights a variety of eyewear accessories, including eyeglasses cases, eyeglass chains/lanyards, microfiber cloths, eyeglasses replacement/sizing nose pads, lens cleaning wipes, lens cleaning solution, contact lens cases, contact lens solution and lubricant eye drops.

Key findings from the report reveal intriguing insights into the eyewear accessories market in the United States. Report highlights include:

● 36 percent of adults admit to using their shirt or another clothing item to clean their glasses, a practice not recommended by eyecare providers.

● While 73 percent of prescription eyeglass wearers use a glasses case, one in five eyewear users neglect to use a case when their glasses are not being worn, with non-prescription glasses users being the most likely culprits.

● Of those who shopped for accessories at an optical store, a significant proportion reported purchasing lens cleaning solution (71 percent), cases (69 percent) or cloths (68 percent) immediately following their eye exam, indicating a correlation between eyecare provider recommendations and accessory purchases.

● Most consumers spent $25 or less on their last eyewear accessory purchase, with most purchasing accessory items from big box stores.

● Compared with eyeglass accessories, the research highlights higher usage of contact lens-related accessories, such as cases, cleaning solution and lubricant eye drops, emphasizing the specialized care and storage requirements associated with contact lenses.

“Findings from our latest research report suggest that there is ample opportunity for eyecare providers and the industry at-large to emphasize the significance of proper eyewear care and maintenance to consumers,” said Alysse Henkel, vice president, Research and inSights at The Vision Council. “By educating individuals on the importance of using appropriate cleaning methods and storing their eyewear properly, we can help them preserve the quality and durability of their eyewear, ultimately ensuring they see their best.”

A summary, along with the full research report, is available in The Vision Council’s  Research Download Center as a complimentary download for members of The Vision Council, with a paid option for non-members. This survey is based on data collected between March 6-8, 2024, among a sample of 2,203 American adults.