KANSAS CITY, Mo.—iOR Partners, a leader in ophthalmic office-based surgery, has announced its strategic alignment with the Joint Commission on national accreditation standards for office-based surgery centers. The Joint Commission is the nation’s oldest and largest standards-setting and accrediting body in health care. iOR Partners and The Joint Commission share the common goal of delivering consistent, high-quality, and safe care for ophthalmic office-based surgery. There are more than 95 iOR surgical suites nationwide, according to the announcement.

“I am both honored and excited to work with the Joint Commission accreditation to ensure quality and patient safety in the office-based surgery movement," said Tony Burns, chief strategy officer for iOR Partners. "There is no greater feeling than forming an alliance that will have a positive impact for both the physician and the patient. Our physicians understand and appreciate the value of Joint Commission accreditation, and are gratified to earn accreditation from this organization.”

Office-based surgery centers that achieve Joint Commission accreditation drive processes to help reduce risk and raise the bar for outpatient surgical care. Benefits that iOR surgeons gain from Joint Commission accreditation include:

  • A tailored survey approach, specific to ophthalmic office-based surgery.

  • A dedicated Joint Commission team, providing consistency to the survey process.

  • A dedicated Joint Commission director of the application/reapplication process, providing timely survey and accreditation results.

  • Dedicated tools and services, including an extranet site for application fees, survey preparation tools and resources and ongoing accreditation maintenance.
iOR Partners surgical suites provide surgeons with the ability to offer more personalized care in a safe and comfortable surgical environment.

“Our goal is to provide iOR Partners physicians with a clear path toward office-based surgery excellence—from the application process, survey preparation and post-survey follow-up, all the way to earning The Joint Commission’s coveted Gold Seal of Approval,” said Zach George, executive director of ambulatory health care accreditation for The Joint Commission.

Lisa Brown, chief nursing officer for iOR Partners, said, “The Joint Commission has been a true partner in setting the standards and improving safety in office-based surgery. They recognize the processes we have created that are unique to ophthalmic office-based surgery and how they relate to the patient population we serve. This allows us to hone in on what is important for a successful and safe surgical program specific to our specialty.”