FORT WORTH, Texas—Alcon announced yesterday that it has formed a partnership with Cooper Kupp, professional football wide receiver and MVP of the “Big Game,” to share his experience with eye allergies and help other eye allergy sufferers find relief with Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength. This year’s campaign, “The Right Tool for the Job,” highlights Kupp’s personal struggle to find the right product to treat his eye allergy symptoms and how Pataday has delivered fast-acting, long-lasting, and targeted relief for his itchy allergy eyes on and off the field.

“When the seasons change, which, unfortunately, coincides with spring organized team activities (OTAs) and the dog days of training camp, my allergies flare up. In those weeks, when we’re outdoors working out, the pollen can really make my eyes itch and distract me from focusing on the small but crucial details of my work,” said Kupp.

“I use Pataday Once Daily Relief Extra Strength because it puts me in control of my allergy symptoms and it’s efficient. With just one drop in each eye, I love that I can count on 24 hours of relief from itchy eyes.”

Pataday is the number one doctor-recommended eye allergy itch relief drop brand, according to a recent survey of physicians and optometrists. The antihistamine eye drop is available without a prescription in the U.S. in drug, mass and grocery stores, as well as online retailers.

“Alcon is thrilled to welcome Cooper Kupp to the Pataday team as a consumer advocate for an important, but often overlooked, allergy patient need,” said Harvey Brown Jr., senior director, dry eye and ocular health at Alcon. “Approximately 66 million Americans suffer from ocular allergies, but only 9 million use an over-the-counter allergy eye drop to relieve their symptoms. Through this campaign, we hope to encourage eye allergy sufferers to find targeted, fast-acting relief from their eye allergy symptoms.”