For the team at Burnt Hills Optical in Burnt Hills, New York, being more eco-friendly is all about working sustainable practices and products into the every day. The optical offers a variety of eco-friendly lines or pieces within lines, and participates in Bausch + Lomb’s Terracycle program, encouraging patients to bring their contact lens waste into the office for the team to recycle for them.

The team has hosted a shredding party for 10 years running now, and offers $200 refills on eyeglass cleaner bottles—this saves the patients about $3 per bottle, and Kristen Cameron, licensed optician at Burnt Hills Optical, told VM that she often sees patients bringing in bottles that are over 10 years old and in great condition.

Cameron said that she doesn’t often see patients specifically asking for sustainable product, but that the reaction is always positive if she or her team mentions that something the patient is looking at is sustainable. “I think maybe people don’t realize it is possible to purchase frames that are eco-friendly, but, I do believe that sustainable products are the next big thing so we do hope to see a trend toward more products to offer.”