In an effort to find themselves, more Americans are hitting the road solo this summer. In recent years, there has been an influx of solo travel as people choose to set their own itinerary and control their vacations. According to Smoky Mountains, there are several regions topping the destination list, with Prague being the favorite city for solo travelers. 

The average cost per week to visit Prague, including flights and accommodations, is just $844, well below other European destinations. With a low crime rate, it remains an appealing and safe place for solo travelers. 

Among the top reasons for preferring solo travel are not wanting to wait for others, according to 66 percent of travelers, along with just simply wanting to see the world, according to 57 percent of travelers. Others are seeking personal growth and a chance to have some freedom. 

Another popular destination for solo travelers is Norway, where the average cost per week is just over $2,300, however, it is among the safest destinations in the world to visit. 

Hội An, Vietnam, is also a popular destination, deemed one of the safest places to visit, with a crime rate of just 6.25, compared to Lima, Peru which has a crime rate of 84.51.

Traditionally popular destinations like Perth, Portland, Dublin and Santiago have fallen to the bottom of the list for solo travelers, due to high crime rates, topping 45. They are also among the more expensive destinations, with accommodations topping out at more than $1,200. 

Travelers looking for an affordable destination may want to consider Poland, which has seen travel costs sit at approximately $727 a week, including flights and accommodations. Many solo tours are also available, and the crime rate sits at a travel-friendly 23.41. 

For those looking to travel to places that offer a wide range of free activities, Smoky Mountains recommends London and Miami, which offer both free and nature-focused attractions that are affordable and accessible. 

To avoid danger while traveling solo, Smoky Mountains recommends checking with the U.S. Embassy in that region for travel advisories. Many airlines and government websites also offer travel advisories on safety, weather and health to make travel easier and safer. 

Travelers are advised to use common sense and be wary of safety issues such as petty theft, drugs and scams, which can be popular in regions such as Lyon, France and Santiago, Chile. San Francisco, California, also tops the list of places to be weary of due to a high rate of muggings, robberies, break-ins and vandalism. 

A U.S. destination like Santa Barbara, Calif. has a crime rate of only 12.24, which makes sense considering it is a more "upscale" city in comparison to a U.S. destination like San Francisco,” according to the announcement from Smoky Mountains. 

“The homeless issue is also significantly less in Santa Barbara than in San Francisco. Munich, Germany has a crime rate of 15.71. While crime has been increasing as of late, travelers and tourists still feel generally safe walking about. It's even been labeled as one of the friendliest travel destinations in Europe. The crimes most associated with Munich are crimes associated with drugs, vandalism, or assault. With that being said, it's still very much safe for solo travelers.”