BANGKOK—Approaching sustainability in-office is a task that requires coming at it from all angles. From small, family-owned and operated, independent ECPs to large, multi-national eyewear and eyecare corporations, all members of the optical community who are dedicated to sustainability will understand that their efforts must span different areas and departments in order to be truly holistic. For large companies like Hoya Vision Care, a full, dedicated platform helps make this overarching goal more achievable.

In August, Hoya Vision Care announced its One Vision sustainability program, which is “designed around the company’s ambition to become a more connected, conscious and impactful organization,” the company said in an announcement. The One Vision program is now embedded in Hoya Vision Care’s corporate strategy, and is based on three pillars: Environment, Community and Workplace. The program has been successfully running internally for over a year. Each year, Hoya will report the progress of One Vision through a sustainability report.

The Environment pillar initiatives include:

1. C02 Emission Reduction: (a) Extensive reduction of energy consumption, becoming more efficient throughout its global operations. (b) Goal to reach 100 percent renewable electricity by 2040, if not sooner; with an interim target of 60 percent by 2030.

2. Waste prevention: (a) Significantly reduce the environmental impact of water usage in manufacturing and (b) programs to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging in end-to-end supply chain.

3. Environmental protection and employee safety and health: Hoya is ISO 14001 and 45001 compliant.

The Community pillar focuses on bridging the vision care gap and addressing the estimated 2.2 billion people who live with vision impairment or blindness. Through local initiatives, Hoya will continue to promote vision care screenings and provide glasses to disadvantaged communities, as well as participate in activities surrounding World Sight Day.

An early step in this direction was the 2022 launch of Hoya’s three-year partnership with Orbis International. By 2025, Hoya said its sponsored program will have screened more than 500,000 children.

Finally, the Workplace pillar focuses on fostering Hoya’s culture of sustainable leadership at all levels, including attracting and nurturing talent and enabling outstanding team achievements. Several initiatives already launched include an enterprise-wide on-demand learning platform with over 16,000 training courses in 13 languages, transforming internal talent mobility through an internal career marketplace, raising the bar on leadership selection and development, and reinventing Hoya’s performance management framework based on employee feedback.

Alexandre Montague, CEO of Hoya Vision Care, said, “Hoya’s One Vision, three-pillared, sustainability program aims to address the impact we as a business have on the world, with our employees, our communities, and the planet ensuring we are operating every aspect of our business in a sustainable, accountable manner.

“As a global business, we have a clear responsibility to focus on climate change, work with and give back to the communities where we operate including reducing the vision health gap and to build a strong, highly trained workforce filled with career opportunities to ensure a robust future. We have all of the pillars in place and are excited to continue on our One Vision journey,” Montague said.