(Top to Bottom) ET33509, ET33510 and ET33511.
What’s New: Esprit, from Charmant, is adding three optical styles to its Ecollection, made from eco-acetate.
What’s Green: The new styles are ET33509, ET33510 and ET33511. ET33509 is a soft square shape with a soft and light transparent color palette of blue, brown and gray. ET33510 is a panto frame with a keyhole bridge. It features a two-layer design with transparent material on the front and is available in teal, wine and brown. Finally, ET33511 is a Sized to Fit Narrow frame in an angular shape. It features a darker solid shade on the front and a light transparent tone at the back and is available in red, blue and black.
What to Know: Esprit’s eco-acetate is manufactured with cotton cellulose and organic plasticizers. The raw material is responsibly sourced and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).