LONDON—Positive Luxury describes itself as an “impact network,” with a mission “to transform the luxury industry, for the good of all. To shape a sustainable future, we work with our clients to help redefine business models and rebuild consumer trust.” The group offers a range of programs, courses, special events and international recognition awards which are known around the world.

The group’s “Butterfly Methodology” is a collection of tools and services that can be configured to each luxury company’s bespoke challenges and needs. Today Positive Luxury states it powers a collective of over 170 luxury business across the globe called the Real Changemakers.

Just recently, Positive Luxury issued an updated and downloadable, essential ESG Policy Guide: THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABILITY LEGISLATION. The guide is created by Positive Luxury and leading law firm Baker McKenzie.

Focusing on environment, social, governance and greenwashing, experts explain key legislative changes, near-term risks and what the coming years will bring—helping you get ahead in your efforts to mitigate climate, material and financial risks.

The new Guide, updated this month, includes the following:

• Updated with latest EU, US and global regulation.

• Expanded legislation roadmap to 2027.

• EU Green Deal, Digital Product Passport, TNFD and biodiversity.

• Human rights, forced labor and supply chain accountability.

• ESG reporting and disclosures.

• Green Claims and greenwashing.

There are many resources that Positive Luxury offers. Watch for more information on the group’s 2024 Positive Luxury Awards in an upcoming edition of VM’s Going Green.