NEW YORK—In this fast-changing era of extreme climate change and a growing awareness of sustainability and its relationship to products and supply chain issues of concern to both buyers and consumers, one question comes up again and again: Do you have your terminology straight? Sustainability Review aims to help people learn more about some commonly used words and important phrases to help them better understand, communicate and discern this new language and verbiage.

This helpful website offers a range of resources but one of the most helpful and accessible is its basic guide to help people distinguish between confusing jargon and trendy buzzwords, “shaped into easy digestible talking points.”

As the number of optical products suppliers and vendors who are expanding their sustainable product collections increases, the information is a helpful tool for training staff and associates.

The site features a range of explanations from its own and secondary sources all vetted to help people understand common terms. is a media company, offering a diverse mix of reference and helpful articles as well. A free newsletter is available as well. Details are posted here.