CHICAGO, IL—UN-TI-TLED, the creative agency founded by Nico Roseillier that specializes in supporting the eyewear industry, has announced the celebration of its first anniversary. Over the past year, UN-TI-TLED has achieved numerous milestones and established itself within the creative sector, Roseillier said, having  partnered on high-visibility projects with both 20/20 magazine, sister publication to Vision Monday, and the Accessories Council's Ac Magazine. Roseillier noted the pivotal role the agency played in celebrating the 50th anniversary of 20/20 magazine by designing an immersive installation at Vision Expo, showcasing the company's ability to blend creativity with impactful storytelling and leave a lasting impression on attendees.

Roseillier, who is also the director of the NOW program at Vision Expo, hosted the second edition of the NOW Design Awards, honoring innovative and boundary-pushing designs in the eyewear industry.

“It took over 20 years of design expertise and deep involvement in the eyewear industry to finally start UN-TI-TLED, and we are so thankful for the support we’ve received this past year," said Roseillier. "We believe our clients are collaborators, and we work together to reshape and create new stories.” 

Throughout its first year of operation, UN-TI-TLED worked with numerous visionary collaborators who shared a passion for creativity, innovation and storytelling, Roseillier noted. Some of the agency’s latest collaborations on the frames side, including ANWULI Eyewear, have brought together unique design perspectives. Additionally, other eyewear collections are currently in the making and set to debut in the next few months.

Amid these projects, Roseillier said, the objective of sharing stories and knowledge has taken on an important role through his ABO-certified classes to numerous opticians on storytelling through eyewear design and manufacturing. Roseillier shared that he is looking forward to spreading the company's visionary outlook and creative expertise, with a commitment to pushing the boundaries of creative storytelling and design.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey. Here’s to many more years of creativity, innovation, and successful collaborations,” added Nico Roseillier.

In celebration of its anniversary, UN-TI-TLED has launched a capsule collection of merchandise illustrating its belief that “Storytellers are the new designers”. For more information about UN-TI-TLED and its services, visit or email