Leslie Parmerter.

ONEONTA, N.Y.—Cleinman Performance Partners, a business development support network that consists of leading independent optometry practices, announced that Leslie Parmerter has joined its management team. “Our team strives to not only fulfill but exceed the needs of our dedicated and hard-working optometrist owner partners. Leslie joins our ranks as community engagement manager where she will be responsible for the development and execution of communication strategies with our hundreds of practice owners and their teams located throughout North America,” said Alan Cleinman, CEO and founder of the firm, based here.

During her 30-year tenure as a morning radio show host, Parmerter created online social media communities designed to entertain and inform. “I’m delighted to be at the helm of Cleinman Performance Partners’ new community engagement initiatives,” she said. “I’m especially excited to lead the charge on the firm’s new Cleinman Performance Network on Facebook site.”
The new site will bring Cleinman practice partners together in what the company described as “an engaging space for valuable peer-to-peer sharing of challenges, concerns, achievements.”
“I’ve known Leslie as a local community leader for many years,” said Cleinman. “She really enjoys getting to know people and learning about what is important to them. Leslie is excited to continue her passion of connecting people to exceptional resources through Cleinman Performance Network and looks forward to meeting many of the Cleinman Partners at our upcoming “Retrospective Perspective” Network Meeting, November 10 and 11, in Nashville, Tenn.