MIAMI—Avulux, developer of Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses, has announced the expansion of its network to include more than 200 eyecare providers across the U.S. To date, Avulux lenses have been primarily sold in non-U.S. markets. The company has added 200 U.S. independent ECPs since beginning to offer the lenses in the U.S. a year ago, according to William Doern, chief marketing officer at Avulux. He noted that Avulux has helped 15,000 people living with migraine and light sensitivity worldwide since launching in 2019.

"The intersection of migraine and light sensitivity is an area where eyecare professionals can make a significant difference in their patients' lives," said Avulux CEO and co-founder Charles Posternack, MD. "The growing number of ECPs joining our Avulux Authorized Provider program underscores their commitment to addressing photophobia and enhancing patient well-being."

Avulux is available to all independent eyecare providers in the U.S. ECP staff undergo comprehensive training when becoming an Avulux Authorized Provider, according to the company. To ensure availability, Avulux is expanding distribution through wholesale labs. Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses are currently distributed through eight labs across the U.S., including Chadwick Optical, Cherry Optical Labs, Eye-Kraft Optical Lab, Fait Optics, Global Optics, K-Optical, Precision Optical Group and Sheridan Optical.