Top, Zoe Buckman in the Harper in peach, and bottom, Andrew Weitz in the Beckett in silver.
LOS ANGELES—Like attracts like. So for Kingsley Rowe, a new eyewear brand that “embrace[s] the spirit of fashion forward design and all avenues creative,” based here, partnering with creative types for its newest digital campaign was a natural. Called “Shared Vision,” the campaign was created to celebrate inspired and unconventional visions of entrepreneurial influencers. It tapped notable creatives between New York and Los Angeles to model the brand’s frames in their respective workspaces and allowed each individual to speak about how they made their vision a reality.

Featured creatives include Sophie Lopez, Kate Hudson’s stylist; Zoe Buckman, a multi-disciplinary artist and wife of David Schwimmer; Ben Watts, photographer and regular contributor to the New York Times’ T Magazine, Rolling Stone and Vogue; Ari Taymor and Ashleigh Parsons, owners of L.A.’s Alama restaurant; Athena Currey, former model and founder of The Posters, a charitable art e-commerce start-up; May Kwok, DJ and fashion retail entrepreneur; Cyndi Ramirez, Taste The Style blog creator and Daile beauty brand co-founder; and Andrew Weitz, former William Morris Endeavor power agent turned menswear style consultant.

The full Shared Vision campaign can be seen at