Click to download a PDF of Second Base.
Who: Teenagers, rapper B.o.B. and other Flatearthists, baseball players and those bearded guys you often see wearing knit beanies in the dead of summer.

What: Flat is where it’s at. More specifically, sunwear and eyewear for men and women with minimal panto, essentially no panoramic angle and, most importantly, lenses with a base curve of two or less… Second Base, get it? Get your minds out of the gutter people.

Wear: Easing into things, the Carolina Herrera SHE602 sun style from De Rigo Vision pairs slightly curved lenses and the smallest of curves on the frame front with an attention grabbing cherry red color. The Jack Spade collection from Safilo is the thinking man’s collection; we can’t promise that wearing the super flat Sherman optical style will raise the wearer’s IQ but they sure will look smarter. Go big or go home could be the motto of the G-Star Raw Lorin ophthalmic frame from Marchon, if frames had mottos, thanks to its huge, round shape, vertically straight front and warm tort coloring. The Bottega Veneta BV0013s from Kering Eyewear has modernized a classic silhouette by blowing it up to oversized proportions but keeping the panto and shape as flat as can be.

Why: Soda, heart monitors, lingerie models… in these things rarely is flat something to be lauded. But for eyewear it all of a sudden looks cool and feels fresh. That’s thanks to advancements in digital lens processing that guarantee the accuracy of the optics regardless of the lens curvature. Of course, they also happen to be in fashion meaning the sale of one of these babies will already positively affect your bottom line with a premium lens sale… making Second Base essentially as good as a home run.