NEW YORK—Silhouette has introduced their next evolution in rimless eyewear design—the Silhouette Shape Kit—in collaboration with LUXE Laboratory.

As part of a special development project with a selected group of Silhouette customers, the Shape Kit offers an assortment of fashion-forward shape possibilities that can be paired with Silhouette’s family of three piece mounts to reach new demographics and expand the conception of what rimless eyewear can be.

“Silhouette’s Shape Kit showcases the endless possibilities in customizing with rimless. Our goal is to provide an array of styles that our customers can display, have ready to try on, and expand their demographic beyond those who traditionally wear rimless,” said Kristen McLaughlin, Silhouette’s director of marketing.

“We understand lenses are such an integral part of a frame’s final look and our Shape Kit features various options such as faux-rim, etching, faceting, gradient tints and photochromic features. LUXE is an incredible partner for this. They create these intricate designs by hand, complementing the details and qualities of each Silhouette frame.”

The Shape Kit contains a lens assortment that covers an array of options for endless customization and profitability and includes eight custom lenses, one set of must temples, a mounting/dismounting tool, a display with each of the lenses mounted that features fashion blogger Liz Cherkasova of, 50 consumer brochures and a voucher to receive one complimentary Silhouette chassis and Rx custom lens for retail use, as well as details for ordering through LUXE Lab.

But the Shape Kit is just the tip of the iceberg. To illustrate the full scope of lens possibilities, Silhouette held a “60 Ways To Wear a TMA (Titan Minimal Art)” contest at their national sales meeting in January. Each account executive was challenged to create their own lens style and the company awarded First, Second and Third Place prizes.

The winning styles from Eron Chek, Christine Price and Scott Lewis are shown. For Chek’s first place win, she created a bevy of sparkle with handset crystals, while Price made an artist’s palette with colored crystals as the paint in her second place showing. In third place, Lewis collaborated with LUXE Lab to create a rimless faux-rim style featuring a double bridge.

Available to up to 50 customers, Silhouette is currently testing the kit and there is an initial acquisition cost. Customers interested in fully customizable lens options as featured within Silhouette Shape Kit should contact LUXE Lab.