Zoom Optical, Toronto, Ontario

Monica So / Optician

Monica has been working in the optical industry for 19 years. While in university, she got the opportunity to work as an optical assistant at an eyeglass boutique as well as a model for an eyewear photoshoot. After graduation, she decided to go to opticianry school and pursue a career in the optical industry. “I found this field very interesting because it involves education about our eyes and a sense of fashion.”

She currently wears five pairs of glasses and three pairs of sunglasses to interchange.

FRAMES / Face a Face Model Bocca Tatoo2 color 501

LENSES / Nikon Relaxee

“Face a Face Paris is one of my favorites. They just wow! The modernity and creativity of the design stuns me as well as the boldness and wide range of colors used and most importantly they fit my face very comfortably.”