ProDesign Denmark

ProDesign was originally founded in 1973 but the ProDesign of today is a completely different company. Design philosophy, basic values and corporate identity have changed remarkably since the entire organization was restructured in 2000 and it is difficult to make direct comparison between the two. Today, ProDesign is an ambitious company establishing a growing position in world markets through the ability to quickly recognize and pick up trends, supplying prompt deliveries, efficient inventory management and support through their Danish headquarters and offices in Hamburg, Bilbao, Lille, Leeds and San Francisco. Clean Danish design is the basis of their products but they always add a twist. They aim to balance classic and clean with bold and bright to continuously keep classic styles updated.

ProDesign leaves pricing to the sole discretion of each retailer.


Kevin Gajda, OD
Owner, Eclectic Eyewear Austin, Texas

“It is our longest running collection because they consistently provide us with new and exciting styles that span from contemporary to retro.”

What are you selling?
ProDesign has been a main staple for Eclectic Eyewear for the past 12 years. Our current best seller is model 1700. Although not considered flamboyant, this shape and size fits an astonishing array of face shapes. It comes in 10 different colors with the option of adding nose pads.

Who’s buying it?
This frame is best for patients who are looking for a stylish frame with a little character and a splash of color. It also has great dimensions for those patients with higher Rx’s.

Why do they like it?
We have ProDesign set up front and center. It takes the most space on our shelves which increases the likelihood of a patient selecting this brand but great fitting and stylish frames tend to sell themselves. This, added with superb Rx functionality and optional nose pads to any zyl frame, sets ProDesign apart from any other frame company.

Website: www.eclecticeyewearaustin.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/eclecticeyewearaustin
Twitter: @EclecticEyewear
Instagram: @EclecticEyewearAustin

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