With the end of summer fast approaching, many in the optical industry are focused on professional development and experiencing an exceptional roster of learning opportunities. Events like Silmo and Vision Expo West offer learning and continuing education opportunities that help industry members grow their knowledge base and explore new products.

Many companies also offer their own in-house learning opportunities for clients to build their practice. VMAIL Weekend spoke to a group of people around the industry to see what their plans were for continuing education courses and classes over the next few months.

Here are just a few of the learning opportunities some eyecare industry members are taking part in this fall.

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Krystal Patterson
Senior Manager of Business Solutions Operations
ABB Optical Group

“This fall I am excited to attend the Unbreakable workshop in Jacksonville, Fla., by Demi Tebow which will focus on building confidence, inspiring change and embracing community. Focusing on personal growth and professional growth goes hand in hand. I am most excited to hear from the keynote speakers about breaking barriers and participating in their hands-on workshop.”

Isabelle Tremblay
Senior Marketing Director
Transitions Optical

“I'm looking forward to attending some of my key customers' national training events and attending Vision Expo West next month to learn about new optical technologies, industry trends and business solutions. I will also be using the Leonardo innovative learning platform for all my other education and professional development needs between industry events.”

Rachel Hill
Personal Optical

“My optician Bonnie Hachey and I are registered for the NAIT refraction program in September which was made possible by a Business Grant we received from the Ontario government. We have been in every Opticians Association of Canada monthly zoom learning event this year. We love their topics.”

Paul Faibish
Plastic Plus

“I’m always looking for the latest and most advanced technology. I try to attend supplier conferences as often as possible to learn about new products. I will also be attending Vision Expo West in Las Vegas next month.”

Charlene Nichols
Omniverse City

“I am attending The Optical Metaverse Rewind which is at the end of September and will be hosted by My Vision Show and The Optical Metaverse. I am also attending the BREATHE! event which will focus on industry convergence in September. We are also developing an educational program that provides short highlights (called Rewinds) that take the best tips and tricks from our 3 1/2 years of streaming.”